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The name “Klete” comes from the ancient Greek word “Parakletos” or “Paraclete,” which means advocate or helper. We chose the name Klete because advocating for our clients is at the heart of our business. No matter what your business goals are, Klete aims to come alongside you to help you do more.

Klete is headquartered in the High Desert region of Southern California, where we’re happy to help several local businesses with their marketing needs. But our reach extends from coast to coast, with clients all over the country. Whether you’re down the hall from us or thousands of miles away, Klete can help your business thrive.

Klete has created unique brands for several startup businesses that reflect who they are and what their business does. We create logos, slogans, verbiage, and content specially customized for your business, and grow that brand from the ground up until it becomes a solid business identity.

We don’t typically respond to customers using clients’ social media pages, but the Klete team is more than happy to help guide our clients through the basics of social media engagement and how to respond to customer inquiries.

We can provide easy guidelines to help businesses stay consistent with social media. Visit our Blogs page to learn more about how we help businesses with social media engagement.

Klete’s video production team can create stunning, high-quality video content in many forms, including digital ads, TV ads, and social media video content like Reels, short-form video, YouTube videos, documentaries, and more.

Klete’s content writing team has years of experience creating various forms of content, including press releases, media kits, recaps of events, and much more. If your business is hosting an event, Klete can create a strategy around it and come up with engaging, creative content for it.

It’s tempting to want to do everything yourself, especially when you’re already a one-man team! However, it can be hard to manage marketing, advertising, social media engagement, and online activity on top of running your business.

With Klete at your side, you get an experienced, skilled marketing team that leaves you free to focus on what matters most—running your business.

Klete features packages that work with a small business budget. Check out our Packages page for more details. Still have questions? Schedule a meeting with our team here (link to contact form or calendar meeting set up)

Our brand development process takes everything about your business into account, including location, audience, products, services, and technology. From this, Klete creates a distinctive look and feel for each brand, with specialized marketing strategies tailored to each business.

Clients submit project requests through our ticket system, which makes it easy for clients to directly connect with our entire team. Simply provide all relevant details for your project—such as sizes, graphic requests, and timeline—and a team member will respond to you as soon as possible.

We typically ask clients to submit project requests at least two weeks in advance to give our team plenty of time to complete your project and work on revisions if needed.

However, we know sometimes things happen and certain requests need to be completed faster than usual.

With our ticket system, clients can designate an “urgent” status to a project request, ensuring our team places it higher on our priority list to get it completed for you on time.

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