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Klete keeps search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront of everything we do when building an online presence. We study algorithms and each brand’s unique targets, products and audience, to find the optimization that works best. 

From there, we incorporate SEO into our website building, content creation, and marketing campaigns, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand. 

Social Media Content & Marketing 

Social media is one of the top ways for brands to get noticed. A good social media presence, however, can be hard to keep up with along with running a full-time business. 

Klete’s services include social media content production, which includes monthly posts, social media ads, and much more. We work alongside each client to create eye-catching, custom social media content clients will love, and audiences will remember. 

We research the latest keywords, hashtags, and geotags to create content that matches your brand’s vision and reaches the widest audience. 

Market Analysis  

Keeping an eye on how the numbers are doing is essential to a good marketing campaign. Klete keeps track of and uses client analytics to craft more effective marketing strategies for brands.  

We research market trends, demographics, locations, and products for all of our clients to determine who their audience is and create campaigns that convert interest into solid leads. 

Klete looks at engagement, ad views, clicks, and likes to see what’s working for our clients and what needs more work. We constantly strive to improve what’s needed and maintain what works, ensuring a formula for success no matter what the brand is. 

Content Writing

Klete’s team of creatives has a passion for finding what works for each client and creating meaningful content on websites, blogs, and beyond. 

Brands must be able to clearly communicate who they are and what they can do for their audiences. We research relevant keywords, concepts, and trends to create compelling, polished content that’s informative and easy to understand.

Our team works closely with clients on many forms of written content, including website content, blogs, newsletters, and more.

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